We are not associated with the Chinese factory "Aidocrystal"

Hello Everyone

So we just wanted to clear up what exactly happened yesterday. It's a long story but we feel it is important to let everyone know what is going on to prevent people from being ripped off in the future.

In 2016 we were contacted by quite a few people asking if we were associated with the company "Aidocrystal" and after doing some research we came across a business that was selling our designs on Alibaba.  Apparently Aidocrystal had been telling people that she made the outfits for Electric Laundry and that we were business partners, which is absolutely not true. We found that Aidocrystal stole 2000 of our photos plus photos from other rave bra companies and were using them to sell them as their own. They even had the nerve to place their watermarks directly onto our images.
At that point, I wrote a message on their shop page letting them know that they were using stolen photos and they should immediately remove our intellectual property from their website. A woman representing the company named "Joyce" responded back asking to be partners and even asked to pay to use our photos. I responded, absolutely not. She wanted to discuss a "business opportunity" on Whatsapp and I agreed in hopes that she would remove our photos. She continued to ask to use our photos and stated that she wanted to partner with us. She was under the assumption that were a factory operation with a bunch of underpaid workers. I informed her that we do everything by hand in California and we are not a wholesale company. She asked again to purchase our photos so she could essentially lie to her customers that she created our designs and I again told her no. She responded with "Ok," which I assumed was her way of saying she would stop using our photos. Unfortunately, she did not remove the photos and is now selling our designs as her own from her shop on Alibaba. 

Fast forward to January 2017. I came across a rave outfit company and after scrolling through their photos I noticed a few outfits that looked almost identical to our work. Since we were used to seeing people copy our work, I decided to ignore it. It wasn't until I checked their website that I found out that they were selling ten outfits, all identical to our previous designs. They were poorly constructed and with cheaper looking materials but I could tell they were copies. So I commented under one of their photos on Instagram that we would appreciate if they would give us credit for our work since they copied all of our designs. The company immediately responded back that they had purchased the outfits from "Aidocrystal" and that we were just mad that they had discovered our "supplier." At this point I was pissed. I asked the owner how she could possibly believe that we would buy from some factory in China. She went on saying that we were a drop ship company and that "Aidocrystal" actually made everything Electric Laundry sells. I was in complete disbelief. I quickly let said company know that we in fact make all of our outfits by hand from our workshop in California and that we are in no way associated with the sham company Aidocrystal. She went as far as to publish a post stating that we had been "lying" to our fans for years. She demanded video evidence that we make our outfits from the US and continued to humiliate us in front of our customers. We sent  screenshots of my conversations with Aidocrystal as proof that we had nothing to do with them and that they had in fact stolen our photos and were selling our designs as their own. This rave company continued at this point to bash our company via their Instagram page and it wasn't until we posted all of the evidence, including videos of our workshop, that she sent an apology.

We are still in shock as to what happened last night and spent an entire day going back and forth defending our hard work. We are writing this to let everyone know to be careful when purchasing from companies that sell knockoff work from China. We also want to emphasize that we have nothing to do with the firm "Aidocrystal" and we are currently taking acton against them.

We have worked extremely hard for the last five years creating each one of our hand made outfits and it is a slap in the face to have a company like Aidocrystal use our hard work to make a profit. It is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. I am attaching evidence below as proof that Aidocrystal is a scam company. It's terrible that we have to defend ourselves in this manner but we are not going to sit by and let people bash our hard work and make false accusations. 

Thank you to all of our fans, supporters, and customers who have stood by us through this ordeal. 

Sara and your Electric Laundry Team


This is listed on the website aidobra.com. This is our corset and they are selling it as their own piece of work. 

 Stolen images posted by Aidocrystal, they put their watermark on top of our images and are marketing our products as their own. They have posted over 2000 stolen images to their shop.

Stolen images posted by Aidocrystal, they put their watermark on top of our images and are marketing our products as their own. They have posted over 2000 stolen images to their shop.

Ordering Terms (Defined)

Below is a list of the top terms used when ordering. This will help reduce confusion.

  • Cheeky Undies: Underwear that show off the booty. They are cut slightly higher and are generally made of cotton. They stretch more and are the most requested style of underwear. 
  • Boy short undies: Underwear that are in the shape of traditional shorts. They are longer than cheeky undies and offer more coverage. They do not stretch very well so must customers order a size up. 
  • Corset: Our corsets are either lace up (meaning they lace up in the back and tie at the end) or clasp meaning they clasp in the front or back. Corsets go by the bra size as well as small, medium, large or XL. We ask for both sizes in order to ensure the corset fits. When choosing wether you are a S, M, L or XL, go with the size you typically wear in T-shirts.
  • Tutus: Our tutus are made of knotted tulle, individually knotted by hand. The full tutus tie into a bow in the back. Any type of bottom can be worn underneath. From thongs, cheeky, boy short, leggings, stockings, or bikini bottoms. 
  • Half Tutus: Our half tutus are made with a sequin belt in the front, knotted tulle on the sides and tie into a bow on the back. They come in one length and can be worn with thongs, cheeky or boy short undies, leggings, stockings, or bikini bottoms. 
  • Garter belt: A garter belt is made to hold up stockings but we decorate them and use them more as decorated pieces to wear over undies or bikini bottoms. They come in sizes small, medium, large, or XL. Most types of garter belts can be adjusted in the back.
  • Garter belt with fabric: We decorate our garter belts and then add draped fabric to the sides and sometimes to the backs of the garter. This creates a flowy look to the outfit and the fabric sways as you dance. This option also adds more coverage. 
  • Bras: Our bras are generally semi padded pushup bras. Meaning they have slight padding at the bottom of the bra and are adjustable. The back of the bras are not decorated because there is a clasp. The sides as well can not be decorated as that area must stretch when you put the outfit on. We can however add a bow to the back of the bra upon request. We always suggest to be properly measured before ordering. 
  • Headbands: Our headbands are either regular headbands that lie directly on top of the head or forehead style meaning the headband crosses over the forehead area. 
  • Floral Crown: Our floral crowns are made of artificial florals, leaves and twigs. They are more pricey than a typical headband because we only use high quality flowers to create our crowns. 
  • Leg garter: A leg garter is the small piece that is worn on leg towards the upper thigh. We decorate these pieces with jewels, chains or florals. 
  • Custom Order: To custom order means we make everything upon request. We do not have materials on hand so when you place a custom order it will take time to buy the materials, plan the outfit, make the outfit and then ship. We generally require 3 weeks time to create the outfits.
  • Pre-Made Outfits: We do offer pre-made outfits especially nearer to special occasions such as Halloween or Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. We sell these ready made items on our website under shop. They are pre-made and usually ship out the following day after purchase. 
  • Fanny Packs: Our fanny packs are worn at the waist and are large enough to fit your cell phone, wallet, and a few other items. They are hand decorated and generally have two zipper pockets. 
  • Samba Cage Bras: Samba or cage bras are made of wire. They are custom made and we add the decor. They are pricer than a normal bra because they are hand wired, hand woven and hand jeweled. These type of bras take anywhere from 4-10 hours to create. They are worn across the breast area and tied at the neck and back area. They can be worn with pasties underneath to ensure coverage. These type of bras are famous in Brazil, carnival, and for Samba dancing. 
  • Fabric Wrap: A wrap refers to the fabric that we attach to the middle of the bra and criss crosses over the abdomen. The wrap can be criss crossed one to 3 times generally over the abdomen, depending on what you prefer. The wrap ties in the back and offers more coverage to the abdomen area as well as creating a cool effect. 
  • Shoulder Pads: We add shoulder pads upon request which attach to the bra straps with velcro. If velcro is not sufficient most customers add safety pins to offer more security depending on hard you plan on dancing. 

Halloween 2016's It Girl: Harley Quinn

Every Halloween we are always amazed at how one character always takes center stage and becomes the hit of the season. 2015 was the year of Disney's evil villain Maleficent which proved to be a marvelous inspiration for many Halloween costumes. Black feathers, cascading fringe, wings, horns, and deep purple jewels were all the rage. This year, Maleficent has been forced to step aside and make room for the new queen of Halloween.

2016 is all about the bad ass, love lorn sidekick of the infamous Joker, Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn first appears in DC comics in the early 90's as the Jokers psychiatrist, she falls madly in love, and quickly becomes apart of his twisted psychotic world. Her story encompasses everything Halloween is about. Her bad ass ways, that twisted sardonic smirk of hers, and of course her outfit, that glorious skin tight jester outfit affixed with diamond shaped symbols that encompasses pure sexiness, Harley Quinn makes for the perfect Halloween costume. With the newest film "Suicide Squad," featuring Australian born actress Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn released this year who can resist dressing as her crazed character for Halloween. Margot's Quinn is re-imagined with platinum blond pigtails dipped in red and blue dye, rocking a "Daddy's Little Monster" baseball shirt, with baseball bat in tow. An instant classic.

At Electric Laundry we have done many variations of Harley Quinn, from the classic half red/half black look with diamond shaped accents to the more modern "Suicide Squad" version with half blue/half red accents, gold chains, and topped off with leather trim. Harley Quinn proves to be a character that can be molded to everyone's individual desires.

This year we have created many Harley Quinn inspired outfits, each individualized to our customers personalities and hand crafted to showcase that bad ass gal that we all have come to know and love. If you plan on ordering a Harley Quinn inspired outfit, be sure to think outside of the box. There are many variations, colors, and styles that can encompass the Harley Quinn look. Harley Quinn's fashion proves to be a limitless, ever evolving entity. Play with the look, make it more feminine with bows, rhinestones, and pearls, go steam punk on it with clock pieces, leather straps, and chains, or do a gothed out version, in all black, grey and white, lace, antique style pendants, and of course spikes. The sky is the limit with Harley Quinn.

And finally cheers to all of the bad ass babes that will be rocking the Harley Quinn look this Halloween. 

-Your Electric Laundry Team

Fall in love with our Harley Quinn inspired outfits below:

The Face Behind the Memes: Kaitlyn B. aka edmHumor

We decided to do an interview with one of the funniest ladies within the EDM community, Kaitlyn, or better known to all of us as "edmHumor."

We met Kaitlyn via Instagram of course and had the pleasure of working with her on a few projects. She has been an amazing person to work with and truly encompasses everything the rave community stands for. She not only works to spread the rave mantra of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) but also entertains the rave community with her hilarious memes. You may have seen her work browsing through Tumblr or scrolling through Instagram and wondered "Who in the world is creating this hilarity"? 

Well we caught up with the lady behind the memes to get some insights into how she started, what inspires her, and her thoughts on the EDM community. Hope you enjoy and be sure to head over to her Instagram page for a daily laugh. https://instagram.com/edmhumor/


Kaitlyn aka edmHumor with her Gf Claudia aka Rave Selfies.

1.) How did you first find out about the scene? What drew you to your first edm festival?

It's hard to pinpoint when exactly I found "the scene." I first started listening to electronic music like Tiesto, Fedde Le Grand, Benny Benassi and others when I was only 11 or 12. My sister is 8 years older than I am, so when she was studying abroad in Paris, for my 12th birthday, I had no choice but to visit her! She took me to some European house music club, and bought me a baby-sized rum and coke and(I was "so drunk!”...not! lol!). I loosened up to the music and just watching people dance. Since then, she burned me CDs, and I loved the music so, so much.

When I went to middle school and high school, I was forced to start watching all of those documentaries with flashing strobe lights and people taking "X" in massive warehouses -- they were all seizing and dying or just sweating...I don't even know! It was horrible stuff, it made me say I would never be apart of the rave scene (not that I knew one truly existed, at that point).

I eventually moved back to California for college, and a guy a few dorms down from me (who happens to be my best friend to this day. Oh, and my roommate!) became a super good friend, and he started telling me about Southern California's rave scene. He lied to me one night and told me we were going clubbing to see DJ Sammy. Four Lokos, my True Religion jeans and leather jacket, and I was ready to go clubbing! 

We got to the "nightclub" and it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. People were in fluffies, bras, lights and the tons of beads…the craziest beads I’d ever seen! There were huge hats, crazy costumes, so much color and everyone was dancing and saying hello. I felt so weird being "normal." I left that night with sleeves of kandi up my arms, several rave names and most importantly: a new-found love! My first massive was EDC a few months later when it was still in LA, and I haven't missed one since!

2.) You post an endless amount of hilarious content, where do you draw your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my followers, really - my family, my friends (of course) and the experiences they provide me with. They really make me aspire to inspire, and I'm so grateful to have the ability to reach the people that I do. I truly care about them and that may sound cheesy, but these people aren't just loyal, they're hilarious. I love to collaborate with them, read their captions/comments for inspiration and think about moments we've shared. I like to create a quick flashback, one to a moment in time. Just things and moments that are relatable to many. I do, however, try to post some more inspirational or serious content too, because although it's not "humor" and my followers may or may not enjoy it as much, it's usually a message of high importance to me. A message I feel needs to be communicated, even if it helps or inspires three people and makes me lose 3,000 followers - it's not about that for me. edmHumor used to be a lot (and I do mean a lottttt!) more inappropriate than it is today, but I don't want to associate with that. I don't lead that lifestyle, nor do I want to promote it, and a lot younger people follow this page too. I would never want to be that influence. I try to post resonating content or just witty moments, but I hope I do it tastefully!

3.) What first inspired you to start the edmHumor page? 

I first started the concept of “edmHumor” when I was intrigued and so entertained by similar pop culture pages on Instagram that had close to ten thousand or twenty thousand followers. My mind was boggled that such a new platform of social media was being used also as a form of modern day media, similar to what you read/see on blogs and websites like BuzzFeed or YouTube. I was majoring in journalism and 
public relations and advertising at the time, and as I was in all of these Internet marketing classes, learning “how to spark engagement with authentically targeted markets.” I was bold, to say the least, in questioning the accuracy of my professors and the textbooks we were reading. I believed all of their points, but being of a bit older generation and using content very different than what I post, it was hard to take everything I was learning so seriously. I was taught about hashtags, and how to get more likes and followers, and this and that. I believed it, and so on my personal Instagram account, I started using hashtags that everyone now knows NOT to use – hashtags like “#love, #Instagood, #likeforlike….” All of those super generic, spammy hashtags that now bring nothing but robots. While I was doing this on my personal account, I wanted to start a very different approach, but regarding something I still knew and loved as much as I do my family and friends. There’s not much more I considered other than electronic dance music and rave culture. So, I created edmhumor, with inspiration from websites/Tumblr accounts like RaveHumor (who’s now on Instagram, and he is HILARIOUS! One of my favorite accounts to collaborate with, and not at all a “competitor”) – I said I was just testing it out, and I would delete my account after a few thousand followers. 
More than 80,000 later, and I cannot say goodbye!

4.) Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see a future career within the edm scene?

My future is always changing, but I definitely couldn't be happier with where I am in my life right now. A profession in the edm industry would be absolutely unreal, and I would love for that to happen. I know it will happen, I just need to wait for the right moment. It will come! I'm optimistic about that. 

5.) How do you feel about the current edm scene? Do you feel it's evolving into something even more amazing or becoming overly commercialized? 

The current scene definitely isn't what it used to be, and I haven't even been exposed to it for nearly as long as many others. But overall, I think it's a little bit of both. You get an even more amazing experience than you ever would have gotten before with the production, art, etc….but being commercialized also has a negative factor in that. With being commercialized, the scene has unfortunately brought in people who are here for the wrong reasons. Well, reasons I personally find wrong, because they're disingenuous to a very authentic and genuine community. It's sad when people come for “the drugs” and “the hype”...not the music, the people...the love.  

On the contrary, it's ALWAYS a great time to introduce these PLURgins to a beautiful way of life, and we are after all a community that's meant to be loving and accepting of all. No exceptions.

6.) What is your advice to new people entering the scene?

Be open=minded, loving, and completely nonjudgmental. Come in with no expectations and just for a few moments, truly be you. Be free. Meet others. Dance. 
Be safe....really safe! If you're going to even consider doing drugs, I strongly hope and encourage you to be as cautious as you can be. 
There’s no “safe” way to do drugs, but if you want to play with fire, make sure you’re prepared if you get burned. It’s sad to say, but it really is a scary world today – testing kits are cheap, if you want to partake in those activities and can afford the drugs, I’m sure you can afford an inexpensive test kit.
But most of all, my advice is to just let your guard down and open your heart. If you do, our culture will embrace you and I assure you it will ignite your soul.

7.)  What is your hope for the future of the edm scene? 

My hope is that it never dies! That it stays true and genuine, authentic for as deep and long as it can be. I hope it brings joy to others and new friendships, love, memories and massive credit card bills (I promise, they're worth it). I hope that it remains a loving and positive culture, so it will continue attracting loving and positive beings.
There's no greater feeling than uniting with hundreds and thousands of likeminded individuals, yet they’re also completely different people than you – all races, sizes, cultures, sexual orientations….they all have different stories. But when you're all there for the same reasons, you feel this certain energy, and there’s an undeniable universal bond and connection created between yourself and thousands of strangers. Even if it’s only for one night, you’re all a unified family. This energy and radiation of loving vibes creates something unlike anything you'll ever experience. I hope the scene never loses that. I'd say that's my biggest hope for the future of this scene and industry.


Top 10 Commonly Asked Questions

At Electric Laundry we receive hundreds of emails, comments & messages on social media every week with a variety of questions and concerns. We often hear many of the same questions and hope to answer the top ten in this blog post. 

1.) Why does Electric Laundry not use LED or EL Wire light products anymore? You have in the past.

This was a very hard decision to quit using EL wire and LED light products because they added such a cool effect to our outfits. The problem with these products was the low quality, the problems with electrical shortages, and the lack of durability. (They also require heavy battery packs). We have tried many different EL Wire/LED light manufacturers but after continually having the same issues, we decided that these products can no longer be apart of our designs. We don't want to sell our customers low quality items. 

2.) Why do you recreate similar outfits from past designs? I want a one of a kind piece.

Creating each outfit completely one of a kind would be extremely difficult and impractical. Coming up with hundreds of different outfit ideas is very time consuming and takes a lot of energy. We couldn't possibly come up with a new design for every single customer, especially for the price we offer our items at. We try our best to make each outfit as special as possible for each customer and since each outfit is made to order they all have their own distinct flair. Our outfits are very unique and it is highly unlikely that you will find another person wearing the same outfit as yourself. 

3.) Why won't you make my design or use my character as inspiration?

As much as we would love to cater to every single design idea that we encounter, it is not always practical or we may not have the capabilities to execute a design that would truly bring a particular character to life. We decide to take on designs based on what we are capable of doing, the materials we have, and if we feel the idea can be properly conveyed onto lingerie.

4.) I am a model, can you please sponsor me? Can you send free items for cross promotion?

We have had many people write us asking for sponsorships, unfortunately due to people who have taken advantage of our kindness in the past, we can no longer offer such promotions or deals. 

5.) Why don't you offer premade merchandise?

Most of our customers want something custom, it just makes it more special to receive something that was made for you. We do offer premade items closer to big events like Halloween or Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. 

6.) Why are you so expensive?

We hear this quite often and it is completely understandable in this day and age when people expect products quick and cheap. Since our items are not made in a factory we do have to charge accordingly. We also believe that our designers deserve a fair and living wage for their work. Each outfit is literally a piece of art, hand crafted with love and hours of hard work and Materials are not cheap. Rhinestones, trims, crystals etc all cost money. We try to make our outfits as affordable as possible but we do believe in receiving fair compensation.

7.) Can you tell me where you get your supplies? Where do you buy your jewels? Can you tell me how to make a bra?

As much as we would love to share how we make each outfit, at the end of the day we are a business and we don't feel it necessary to share our trade secrets. It would be like going to a painter and demanding to know how he painted a picture and where he got his supplies. Just enjoy our designs, gain inspiration and if you would like to make your own outfit, do some research, check out craft stores, making mistakes and learning is the best part of creating. 

8.) Why do you create culturally inspired items?

This is a really sensitive subject for many people and we completely understand that. We try to be as respectful as much as possible to sensitive topics, such as cultural appropriation. We respect creativity and the right for people to express themselves as they see fit. We do not make war bonnets or use sacred items on our outfits. We do use feathers and fringe because we are inspired by many cultures. We take ideas and concepts from many parts of the world and craft them into works of art. We respect all cultures and are in no way attempting to demean or hurt anyone. Our customers want to express themselves in certain ways and we are not here to stop anyone's right to self expression. 

9.) Why do you not use glitter on bras?

Glitter is generally not a stable product. Even with the best glitter glues on the market, glitter does fall off and when rubbed can easily damage the bra design. We choose to use other options due to this problem.

10.) Why do you not carry sizes over 36D?

Recently we have decided to expand our sizes to 36DD. It is super difficult to find bras above that size and very time consuming. At this time we are not equipped to handle sizes beyond a DD. We hope to expand to other sizes in the future. 




10 Things You Didn't Know About Electric Laundry

1.)Electric Laundry is made up of two sets of siblings. Juan & Mona Moreno. Sara, Rachael, Michael, and Doreen Corona! We all work together to bring your beautiful outfits to life.

2.)We started June 2011, right before Electric Daisy Carnival. 

3.)We all have Bachelors and Masters degrees ranging from Political Science, American Studies, Marketing, Graphic Design, & Sociology. We have never studied clothing design.

4.)We buy materials for each bra design as they come in. It is a common misconception that we have tons of product on hand. 

5.)Our first rave/edm festival was Nocturnal 2010. 

6.)We were once featured in EDM Magazine and Insomniac's official Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Magazine!! (We were honored).

7.) Electric Laundry started through Facebook. We posted 3 designs on our fan page and quickly gathered a huge following. 

8.) We have created well over 8,000 custom outfits since we began. 

9.) Our top outfit sellers for 2015 are Ringleaders, Daisy Outfits, and Owls. 

10.) The top 3 cities who order from Electric Laundry include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, & Toronto!!! Canadians love Electric Laundry. 

Electric Laundry Ordering Tips

Helpful Tips for Ordering your Electric Laundry Custom Outfit

1.) When emailing please let us know your bra size, bottoms size (S, M, L, XL), types of bottoms, theme, color scheme, and details that you would like to see.

2.) Please include pictures of past outfits, inspirational photos and character photos. 

3.) Please give us a description of the style and detailing you would like to see. We have a lot of people say "Just be creative" or "Ill leave all of the details up to you," this is very stressful on us, because we don't know our customers personally. Please include, if you would like rhinestones, ruffles, bows, trims, appliques etc. Include styles: such as edgy, more girly, glam.

4.) If we are uncomfortable doing a certain character or idea, please accept that, it's not an personal insult, we can only accept ideas that can properly be conveyed onto the lingerie we work on.

5.) We do not work on certain bra sizes (36DD and up) because they are extremely hard to find and very time consuming, some bras can take over 6 hours. We currently do not have the capacity to do larger sized items at this time.

6.) We do not make exact replicas of past outfits, we can do similar versions. Certain flower colors, bra colors, certain trims, etc, are not available throughout the entire year. We can not guarantee exact color schemes.

7.) We do not sketch out designs, that would be very time consuming, we would have many people requesting a sketch and then not even ordering at the end, which would waste our time, and most importantly we design as we go (we don't want to hinder the creativity of the designer)

8.) We do not make every accessory. We try to accommodate as much as we can, but we don't make fluffies, leg wraps, skirts, halter tops, or Princess Jasmines Pants. We do regular pushup bras, corsets, tie back tutus, tie in the back bustles, undies, fanny packs, large top hats, bunny ears, cat ears, scoodies, and small hoods.

9.) If you are the type to be picky to the last rhinestone please rethink ordering with us, we can not follow every single solitary direction, or every single request down to where each rhinestone or bow will lay, we just don't have the time to do that and it just ruins the whole creative mood.

10.) If you are not happy with a final product, we can accommodate, and add to the bra, rearrange a few things etc. If it is a mistake on our end we are happy to fix but if it is something that was never mentioned, or based on a slightly darker or lighter color swatch, we will not redo the entire outfit. If it is something that can not be fixed and we can not come to a reasonable solution, then a refund will be provided.

(Also, if for some reason something goes wrong with your outfit upon arrival please inform us, we are more than happy to repair items)

11.) Please order according to how hard you plan to party. If you expect to be doing some hardcore dancing or plan on jumping around, hugging tons of people etc. please plan your outfit accordingly. Rhinestones, pearls and other items can come off if they are constantly rubbed. Bejeweled items can not be expected to last if they are treated aggressively. We suggest ordering an outfit with light jeweling, more fabric draping, wraps etc. if you party hard.

12.) Bras sizes are not a perfect science, if you are unsure about your bra size please get measured by a professional first. Our bras are semi padded pushups. For ladies with smaller cup sizes, we suggest in some cases to add a second bra behind the first in a complimentary color to fill out the cup more, add more support and add more cleavage. Corsets are lace up in the back and super adjustable. If you would like more cleavage/more support added you can also where a pushup bra underneath the corset. Cutlets can also help with filling out cups, if needed. Our tutus are tie back, meaning they tie into a bow, if the tutu or half tutu is slightly too large, we suggest cutting equal amounts of tulle on each side off along the ribbon until it fits. Be sure not to cut the actual ribbon, just the individual tulle loops. 

13.)Cleaning Instructions: These bras are delicate and not intended for machine wash, please spot clean or take to a professional dry cleaner, who specializes in jeweled clothing.
-For Hoods, the fur is synthetic, and can not be placed in the dryer or have heat applied (including hair dryers). Hand wash with gentle soap, hang dry, and gently brush out fur. 


Thank all of our fans and clients who constantly come back and order with us!!! We hope these tips help. 

Thank you,
Your Electric Laundry team 

In Defense of Kandi

The recent ban on Kandi bracelets by various venues including events such as Mad Decent Block Party, only illustrates how event organizers continue to skirt the real issues surrounding recent drug related deaths at various edm events. The banning of Kandi is completely irrelevant and unnecessary in promoting responsible drug use and harm reduction. To continue pretending that people are going to be deterred from consuming illegal substances due to a ban on costume wear is completely absurd. Kandi beads which have a lengthy history within the rave/edm world, may have been used in the past to promote drug use, but today, they represent so much more. Kandi beads are an integral part of rave culture. We use these small beads to express ourselves, create and bond new friendships, and just as cowboy hats and boots are to country music, Kandi is apart of rave cultural representation. Yes, we all come to festivals for the great music, but what sets the edm scene apart is the ability to express oneself through fashion, the ability to create a unified bond with other event attendees, and the ability to cultivate ones inner creativity. We can all go to a club or bar to enjoy edm music, but the festival scene creates something so much more powerful. Never before have we had the opportunity to gather in one place to enjoy great music, break the norms of fashion, enjoy the company of fellow humans, and have the ability to immerse oneself into a totally open and free environment. Yes, there are still underground parties where this can all occur, but today we are able to enjoy music in a safe place, with security, phenomenal stage production, and are able to experience the best acts in the world. We are in the middle of an evolution in musical history, where music, fashion, unity, and cultural representations, such as Kandi beads, come together in order to create an atmosphere of escapism. The EDM community has been vilified since its beginnings, with many attempting to paint the scene as a drug oriented pool of disillusioned youth. The edm scene continually receives vilification from many outsiders who have little knowledge about the beautiful memories created within. These festivals provide a place where we can be free, a place where it doesn't matter how much money you have or the color of your skin, a place where we can dance and enjoy music, escaping the mundane realities of work, schedules, school, and societal pressures. We come to enjoy life, enjoy each others presence and existence, and dance as our ancestors have danced for centuries, well into the waking hours of dawn. We come not to create harm or expand hatred but merely to enjoy life itself. 

It is our hope that EDM promoters, organizers, and leaders can come together in order to create comprehensive and sensible drug policies. Stamping out creativity and individuality is not the way to educate people. In fact it creates hostility and even more anger towards a system that continues to exert its control over us every day. Stripping people of their ability to express themselves, in a world so full of heinous evil, seems counter productive. We attend events to escape the feelings of being smashed into tiny pre-constructed boxes that society lays out for us from the day we are born. We are told who to be, what to wear, what we should or shouldn't do, who we should worship, who to be friends with, what gender roles we must conform to, and we lose any ability to create our own individualized worlds. We are not criminals or drug fiends, we are fully grown adults who attend college, we are graduates, military personal, hold full time jobs, own businesses, have children, careers, lives. Painting and labeling us as confused and irresponsible drug addicts is absolutely ignorant. We attend these events not as disillusioned youth, but for the most part as responsible, intelligent, and well-equipped adults. Treating us as children, banning our outfits, implementing unnecessary rules, and stripping us of the freedom to express ourselves not only creates anger but in the long run only pushes customers and fans away. People such as Diplo, are only alienating their paying customers and reducing us to mindless, irresponsible robots.  

We need to come together with open dialogues concerning drug education, provide testing kits, provide leaflets that discuss how to handle medical/drug related emergencies, teach people to help their brothers and sisters out when they're down, provide free water facilities, safe rooms, non-judegemnetal places where people can go in their times of need. People need help during their darkest times, providing safety nets, teaching responsibility, and allowing non-profit organizations, such as Dance Safe to interact with festival attendees directly, without judgement, can and does help in preventing tragedies. Creating peer groups such as Insomniac's Ground Control, which assist in spotting fellow festival goers in need is also imperative in preventing tragedies. Providing safe havens, cooling rooms, misters, places to relax, and non-judegemental staff and security that can give valuable life saving advice would all create a better atmosphere for all festival attendees. Instead of demonizing and punishing people who pay hard earned money to attend these festivals, promoters need to work to promote a safe, healthy, and well planned festival experience. Drugs are taken by not only EDM festival attendees but many people, from every age group, from every economic and social level and background. To pretend that drugs will not be ingested at any event wether edm related or not is completely irresponsible and naive. Diplo and his recent ban on Kandi beads seems like a cop out, where he and other promoters/organizers refuse to face the real issues at hand, and refuse to take responsibility in protecting the many people who attend their festivals. It is imperative that we all come together and demand that concert organizers promote sensible drug education, harm reduction, teach responsibility, and provide a safe haven for people who may need help. 

We as festival attendees also need to take personal responsibility when making the decision to ingest an illegal substance. We are not invincible or immune to the possibility of death. The hard truth is drugs are not regulated and one can never fully know what a particular pill or powder may contain. We all make mistakes and/or sometimes wish to enhance our festival experiences but we also need to realize the impact of our personal choices and decisions. We can not continue to bear witness to these drug related tragedies and expect lawmakers to remain on our side. We must work to protect our community, protect our music festivals, and pay respect to the countless people who work hard to produce these amazing events.

Education, Safety, Responsibility, and Compassion are imperative in producing a well rounded festival experience for all. 

For Information on Drug Education and Harm Reduction Please Visit: http://dancesafe.org/

Let us know what you think concerning this issue.
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