10 Things You Didn't Know About Electric Laundry

1.)Electric Laundry is made up of two sets of siblings. Juan & Mona Moreno. Sara, Rachael, Michael, and Doreen Corona! We all work together to bring your beautiful outfits to life.

2.)We started June 2011, right before Electric Daisy Carnival. 

3.)We all have Bachelors and Masters degrees ranging from Political Science, American Studies, Marketing, Graphic Design, & Sociology. We have never studied clothing design.

4.)We buy materials for each bra design as they come in. It is a common misconception that we have tons of product on hand. 

5.)Our first rave/edm festival was Nocturnal 2010. 

6.)We were once featured in EDM Magazine and Insomniac's official Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Magazine!! (We were honored).

7.) Electric Laundry started through Facebook. We posted 3 designs on our fan page and quickly gathered a huge following. 

8.) We have created well over 8,000 custom outfits since we began. 

9.) Our top outfit sellers for 2015 are Ringleaders, Daisy Outfits, and Owls. 

10.) The top 3 cities who order from Electric Laundry include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, & Toronto!!! Canadians love Electric Laundry.