Top 10 Commonly Asked Questions

At Electric Laundry we receive hundreds of emails, comments & messages on social media every week with a variety of questions and concerns. We often hear many of the same questions and hope to answer the top ten in this blog post. 

1.) Why does Electric Laundry not use LED or EL Wire light products anymore? You have in the past.

This was a very hard decision to quit using EL wire and LED light products because they added such a cool effect to our outfits. The problem with these products was the low quality, the problems with electrical shortages, and the lack of durability. (They also require heavy battery packs). We have tried many different EL Wire/LED light manufacturers but after continually having the same issues, we decided that these products can no longer be apart of our designs. We don't want to sell our customers low quality items. 

2.) Why do you recreate similar outfits from past designs? I want a one of a kind piece.

Creating each outfit completely one of a kind would be extremely difficult and impractical. Coming up with hundreds of different outfit ideas is very time consuming and takes a lot of energy. We couldn't possibly come up with a new design for every single customer, especially for the price we offer our items at. We try our best to make each outfit as special as possible for each customer and since each outfit is made to order they all have their own distinct flair. Our outfits are very unique and it is highly unlikely that you will find another person wearing the same outfit as yourself. 

3.) Why won't you make my design or use my character as inspiration?

As much as we would love to cater to every single design idea that we encounter, it is not always practical or we may not have the capabilities to execute a design that would truly bring a particular character to life. We decide to take on designs based on what we are capable of doing, the materials we have, and if we feel the idea can be properly conveyed onto lingerie.

4.) I am a model, can you please sponsor me? Can you send free items for cross promotion?

We have had many people write us asking for sponsorships, unfortunately due to people who have taken advantage of our kindness in the past, we can no longer offer such promotions or deals. 

5.) Why don't you offer premade merchandise?

Most of our customers want something custom, it just makes it more special to receive something that was made for you. We do offer premade items closer to big events like Halloween or Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. 

6.) Why are you so expensive?

We hear this quite often and it is completely understandable in this day and age when people expect products quick and cheap. Since our items are not made in a factory we do have to charge accordingly. We also believe that our designers deserve a fair and living wage for their work. Each outfit is literally a piece of art, hand crafted with love and hours of hard work and Materials are not cheap. Rhinestones, trims, crystals etc all cost money. We try to make our outfits as affordable as possible but we do believe in receiving fair compensation.

7.) Can you tell me where you get your supplies? Where do you buy your jewels? Can you tell me how to make a bra?

As much as we would love to share how we make each outfit, at the end of the day we are a business and we don't feel it necessary to share our trade secrets. It would be like going to a painter and demanding to know how he painted a picture and where he got his supplies. Just enjoy our designs, gain inspiration and if you would like to make your own outfit, do some research, check out craft stores, making mistakes and learning is the best part of creating. 

8.) Why do you create culturally inspired items?

This is a really sensitive subject for many people and we completely understand that. We try to be as respectful as much as possible to sensitive topics, such as cultural appropriation. We respect creativity and the right for people to express themselves as they see fit. We do not make war bonnets or use sacred items on our outfits. We do use feathers and fringe because we are inspired by many cultures. We take ideas and concepts from many parts of the world and craft them into works of art. We respect all cultures and are in no way attempting to demean or hurt anyone. Our customers want to express themselves in certain ways and we are not here to stop anyone's right to self expression. 

9.) Why do you not use glitter on bras?

Glitter is generally not a stable product. Even with the best glitter glues on the market, glitter does fall off and when rubbed can easily damage the bra design. We choose to use other options due to this problem.

10.) Why do you not carry sizes over 36D?

Recently we have decided to expand our sizes to 36DD. It is super difficult to find bras above that size and very time consuming. At this time we are not equipped to handle sizes beyond a DD. We hope to expand to other sizes in the future.