Electric Laundry Ordering Tips

Helpful Tips for Ordering your Electric Laundry Custom Outfit

1.) When emailing please let us know your bra size, bottoms size (S, M, L, XL), types of bottoms, theme, color scheme, and details that you would like to see.

2.) Please include pictures of past outfits, inspirational photos and character photos. 

3.) Please give us a description of the style and detailing you would like to see. We have a lot of people say "Just be creative" or "Ill leave all of the details up to you," this is very stressful on us, because we don't know our customers personally. Please include, if you would like rhinestones, ruffles, bows, trims, appliques etc. Include styles: such as edgy, more girly, glam.

4.) If we are uncomfortable doing a certain character or idea, please accept that, it's not an personal insult, we can only accept ideas that can properly be conveyed onto the lingerie we work on.

5.) We do not work on certain bra sizes (36DD and up) because they are extremely hard to find and very time consuming, some bras can take over 6 hours. We currently do not have the capacity to do larger sized items at this time.

6.) We do not make exact replicas of past outfits, we can do similar versions. Certain flower colors, bra colors, certain trims, etc, are not available throughout the entire year. We can not guarantee exact color schemes.

7.) We do not sketch out designs, that would be very time consuming, we would have many people requesting a sketch and then not even ordering at the end, which would waste our time, and most importantly we design as we go (we don't want to hinder the creativity of the designer)

8.) We do not make every accessory. We try to accommodate as much as we can, but we don't make fluffies, leg wraps, skirts, halter tops, or Princess Jasmines Pants. We do regular pushup bras, corsets, tie back tutus, tie in the back bustles, undies, fanny packs, large top hats, bunny ears, cat ears, scoodies, and small hoods.

9.) If you are the type to be picky to the last rhinestone please rethink ordering with us, we can not follow every single solitary direction, or every single request down to where each rhinestone or bow will lay, we just don't have the time to do that and it just ruins the whole creative mood.

10.) If you are not happy with a final product, we can accommodate, and add to the bra, rearrange a few things etc. If it is a mistake on our end we are happy to fix but if it is something that was never mentioned, or based on a slightly darker or lighter color swatch, we will not redo the entire outfit. If it is something that can not be fixed and we can not come to a reasonable solution, then a refund will be provided.

(Also, if for some reason something goes wrong with your outfit upon arrival please inform us, we are more than happy to repair items)

11.) Please order according to how hard you plan to party. If you expect to be doing some hardcore dancing or plan on jumping around, hugging tons of people etc. please plan your outfit accordingly. Rhinestones, pearls and other items can come off if they are constantly rubbed. Bejeweled items can not be expected to last if they are treated aggressively. We suggest ordering an outfit with light jeweling, more fabric draping, wraps etc. if you party hard.

12.) Bras sizes are not a perfect science, if you are unsure about your bra size please get measured by a professional first. Our bras are semi padded pushups. For ladies with smaller cup sizes, we suggest in some cases to add a second bra behind the first in a complimentary color to fill out the cup more, add more support and add more cleavage. Corsets are lace up in the back and super adjustable. If you would like more cleavage/more support added you can also where a pushup bra underneath the corset. Cutlets can also help with filling out cups, if needed. Our tutus are tie back, meaning they tie into a bow, if the tutu or half tutu is slightly too large, we suggest cutting equal amounts of tulle on each side off along the ribbon until it fits. Be sure not to cut the actual ribbon, just the individual tulle loops. 

13.)Cleaning Instructions: These bras are delicate and not intended for machine wash, please spot clean or take to a professional dry cleaner, who specializes in jeweled clothing.
-For Hoods, the fur is synthetic, and can not be placed in the dryer or have heat applied (including hair dryers). Hand wash with gentle soap, hang dry, and gently brush out fur. 


Thank all of our fans and clients who constantly come back and order with us!!! We hope these tips help. 

Thank you,
Your Electric Laundry team