The Face Behind the Memes: Kaitlyn B. aka edmHumor

We decided to do an interview with one of the funniest ladies within the EDM community, Kaitlyn, or better known to all of us as "edmHumor."

We met Kaitlyn via Instagram of course and had the pleasure of working with her on a few projects. She has been an amazing person to work with and truly encompasses everything the rave community stands for. She not only works to spread the rave mantra of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) but also entertains the rave community with her hilarious memes. You may have seen her work browsing through Tumblr or scrolling through Instagram and wondered "Who in the world is creating this hilarity"? 

Well we caught up with the lady behind the memes to get some insights into how she started, what inspires her, and her thoughts on the EDM community. Hope you enjoy and be sure to head over to her Instagram page for a daily laugh.


Kaitlyn aka edmHumor with her Gf Claudia aka Rave Selfies.

1.) How did you first find out about the scene? What drew you to your first edm festival?

It's hard to pinpoint when exactly I found "the scene." I first started listening to electronic music like Tiesto, Fedde Le Grand, Benny Benassi and others when I was only 11 or 12. My sister is 8 years older than I am, so when she was studying abroad in Paris, for my 12th birthday, I had no choice but to visit her! She took me to some European house music club, and bought me a baby-sized rum and coke and(I was "so drunk!”...not! lol!). I loosened up to the music and just watching people dance. Since then, she burned me CDs, and I loved the music so, so much.

When I went to middle school and high school, I was forced to start watching all of those documentaries with flashing strobe lights and people taking "X" in massive warehouses -- they were all seizing and dying or just sweating...I don't even know! It was horrible stuff, it made me say I would never be apart of the rave scene (not that I knew one truly existed, at that point).

I eventually moved back to California for college, and a guy a few dorms down from me (who happens to be my best friend to this day. Oh, and my roommate!) became a super good friend, and he started telling me about Southern California's rave scene. He lied to me one night and told me we were going clubbing to see DJ Sammy. Four Lokos, my True Religion jeans and leather jacket, and I was ready to go clubbing! 

We got to the "nightclub" and it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. People were in fluffies, bras, lights and the tons of beads…the craziest beads I’d ever seen! There were huge hats, crazy costumes, so much color and everyone was dancing and saying hello. I felt so weird being "normal." I left that night with sleeves of kandi up my arms, several rave names and most importantly: a new-found love! My first massive was EDC a few months later when it was still in LA, and I haven't missed one since!

2.) You post an endless amount of hilarious content, where do you draw your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my followers, really - my family, my friends (of course) and the experiences they provide me with. They really make me aspire to inspire, and I'm so grateful to have the ability to reach the people that I do. I truly care about them and that may sound cheesy, but these people aren't just loyal, they're hilarious. I love to collaborate with them, read their captions/comments for inspiration and think about moments we've shared. I like to create a quick flashback, one to a moment in time. Just things and moments that are relatable to many. I do, however, try to post some more inspirational or serious content too, because although it's not "humor" and my followers may or may not enjoy it as much, it's usually a message of high importance to me. A message I feel needs to be communicated, even if it helps or inspires three people and makes me lose 3,000 followers - it's not about that for me. edmHumor used to be a lot (and I do mean a lottttt!) more inappropriate than it is today, but I don't want to associate with that. I don't lead that lifestyle, nor do I want to promote it, and a lot younger people follow this page too. I would never want to be that influence. I try to post resonating content or just witty moments, but I hope I do it tastefully!

3.) What first inspired you to start the edmHumor page? 

I first started the concept of “edmHumor” when I was intrigued and so entertained by similar pop culture pages on Instagram that had close to ten thousand or twenty thousand followers. My mind was boggled that such a new platform of social media was being used also as a form of modern day media, similar to what you read/see on blogs and websites like BuzzFeed or YouTube. I was majoring in journalism and 
public relations and advertising at the time, and as I was in all of these Internet marketing classes, learning “how to spark engagement with authentically targeted markets.” I was bold, to say the least, in questioning the accuracy of my professors and the textbooks we were reading. I believed all of their points, but being of a bit older generation and using content very different than what I post, it was hard to take everything I was learning so seriously. I was taught about hashtags, and how to get more likes and followers, and this and that. I believed it, and so on my personal Instagram account, I started using hashtags that everyone now knows NOT to use – hashtags like “#love, #Instagood, #likeforlike….” All of those super generic, spammy hashtags that now bring nothing but robots. While I was doing this on my personal account, I wanted to start a very different approach, but regarding something I still knew and loved as much as I do my family and friends. There’s not much more I considered other than electronic dance music and rave culture. So, I created edmhumor, with inspiration from websites/Tumblr accounts like RaveHumor (who’s now on Instagram, and he is HILARIOUS! One of my favorite accounts to collaborate with, and not at all a “competitor”) – I said I was just testing it out, and I would delete my account after a few thousand followers. 
More than 80,000 later, and I cannot say goodbye!

4.) Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see a future career within the edm scene?

My future is always changing, but I definitely couldn't be happier with where I am in my life right now. A profession in the edm industry would be absolutely unreal, and I would love for that to happen. I know it will happen, I just need to wait for the right moment. It will come! I'm optimistic about that. 

5.) How do you feel about the current edm scene? Do you feel it's evolving into something even more amazing or becoming overly commercialized? 

The current scene definitely isn't what it used to be, and I haven't even been exposed to it for nearly as long as many others. But overall, I think it's a little bit of both. You get an even more amazing experience than you ever would have gotten before with the production, art, etc….but being commercialized also has a negative factor in that. With being commercialized, the scene has unfortunately brought in people who are here for the wrong reasons. Well, reasons I personally find wrong, because they're disingenuous to a very authentic and genuine community. It's sad when people come for “the drugs” and “the hype”...not the music, the people...the love.  

On the contrary, it's ALWAYS a great time to introduce these PLURgins to a beautiful way of life, and we are after all a community that's meant to be loving and accepting of all. No exceptions.

6.) What is your advice to new people entering the scene?

Be open=minded, loving, and completely nonjudgmental. Come in with no expectations and just for a few moments, truly be you. Be free. Meet others. Dance. 
Be safe....really safe! If you're going to even consider doing drugs, I strongly hope and encourage you to be as cautious as you can be. 
There’s no “safe” way to do drugs, but if you want to play with fire, make sure you’re prepared if you get burned. It’s sad to say, but it really is a scary world today – testing kits are cheap, if you want to partake in those activities and can afford the drugs, I’m sure you can afford an inexpensive test kit.
But most of all, my advice is to just let your guard down and open your heart. If you do, our culture will embrace you and I assure you it will ignite your soul.

7.)  What is your hope for the future of the edm scene? 

My hope is that it never dies! That it stays true and genuine, authentic for as deep and long as it can be. I hope it brings joy to others and new friendships, love, memories and massive credit card bills (I promise, they're worth it). I hope that it remains a loving and positive culture, so it will continue attracting loving and positive beings.
There's no greater feeling than uniting with hundreds and thousands of likeminded individuals, yet they’re also completely different people than you – all races, sizes, cultures, sexual orientations….they all have different stories. But when you're all there for the same reasons, you feel this certain energy, and there’s an undeniable universal bond and connection created between yourself and thousands of strangers. Even if it’s only for one night, you’re all a unified family. This energy and radiation of loving vibes creates something unlike anything you'll ever experience. I hope the scene never loses that. I'd say that's my biggest hope for the future of this scene and industry.