Halloween 2016's It Girl: Harley Quinn

Every Halloween we are always amazed at how one character always takes center stage and becomes the hit of the season. 2015 was the year of Disney's evil villain Maleficent which proved to be a marvelous inspiration for many Halloween costumes. Black feathers, cascading fringe, wings, horns, and deep purple jewels were all the rage. This year, Maleficent has been forced to step aside and make room for the new queen of Halloween.

2016 is all about the bad ass, love lorn sidekick of the infamous Joker, Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn first appears in DC comics in the early 90's as the Jokers psychiatrist, she falls madly in love, and quickly becomes apart of his twisted psychotic world. Her story encompasses everything Halloween is about. Her bad ass ways, that twisted sardonic smirk of hers, and of course her outfit, that glorious skin tight jester outfit affixed with diamond shaped symbols that encompasses pure sexiness, Harley Quinn makes for the perfect Halloween costume. With the newest film "Suicide Squad," featuring Australian born actress Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn released this year who can resist dressing as her crazed character for Halloween. Margot's Quinn is re-imagined with platinum blond pigtails dipped in red and blue dye, rocking a "Daddy's Little Monster" baseball shirt, with baseball bat in tow. An instant classic.

At Electric Laundry we have done many variations of Harley Quinn, from the classic half red/half black look with diamond shaped accents to the more modern "Suicide Squad" version with half blue/half red accents, gold chains, and topped off with leather trim. Harley Quinn proves to be a character that can be molded to everyone's individual desires.

This year we have created many Harley Quinn inspired outfits, each individualized to our customers personalities and hand crafted to showcase that bad ass gal that we all have come to know and love. If you plan on ordering a Harley Quinn inspired outfit, be sure to think outside of the box. There are many variations, colors, and styles that can encompass the Harley Quinn look. Harley Quinn's fashion proves to be a limitless, ever evolving entity. Play with the look, make it more feminine with bows, rhinestones, and pearls, go steam punk on it with clock pieces, leather straps, and chains, or do a gothed out version, in all black, grey and white, lace, antique style pendants, and of course spikes. The sky is the limit with Harley Quinn.

And finally cheers to all of the bad ass babes that will be rocking the Harley Quinn look this Halloween. 

-Your Electric Laundry Team

Fall in love with our Harley Quinn inspired outfits below: