We are not associated with the Chinese factory "Aidocrystal"

Hello Everyone

So we just wanted to clear up what exactly happened yesterday. It's a long story but we feel it is important to let everyone know what is going on to prevent people from being ripped off in the future.

In 2016 we were contacted by quite a few people asking if we were associated with the company "Aidocrystal" and after doing some research we came across a business that was selling our designs on Alibaba.  Apparently Aidocrystal had been telling people that she made the outfits for Electric Laundry and that we were business partners, which is absolutely not true. We found that Aidocrystal stole 2000 of our photos plus photos from other rave bra companies and were using them to sell them as their own. They even had the nerve to place their watermarks directly onto our images.
At that point, I wrote a message on their shop page letting them know that they were using stolen photos and they should immediately remove our intellectual property from their website. A woman representing the company named "Joyce" responded back asking to be partners and even asked to pay to use our photos. I responded, absolutely not. She wanted to discuss a "business opportunity" on Whatsapp and I agreed in hopes that she would remove our photos. She continued to ask to use our photos and stated that she wanted to partner with us. She was under the assumption that were a factory operation with a bunch of underpaid workers. I informed her that we do everything by hand in California and we are not a wholesale company. She asked again to purchase our photos so she could essentially lie to her customers that she created our designs and I again told her no. She responded with "Ok," which I assumed was her way of saying she would stop using our photos. Unfortunately, she did not remove the photos and is now selling our designs as her own from her shop on Alibaba. 

Fast forward to January 2017. I came across a rave outfit company and after scrolling through their photos I noticed a few outfits that looked almost identical to our work. Since we were used to seeing people copy our work, I decided to ignore it. It wasn't until I checked their website that I found out that they were selling ten outfits, all identical to our previous designs. They were poorly constructed and with cheaper looking materials but I could tell they were copies. So I commented under one of their photos on Instagram that we would appreciate if they would give us credit for our work since they copied all of our designs. The company immediately responded back that they had purchased the outfits from "Aidocrystal" and that we were just mad that they had discovered our "supplier." At this point I was pissed. I asked the owner how she could possibly believe that we would buy from some factory in China. She went on saying that we were a drop ship company and that "Aidocrystal" actually made everything Electric Laundry sells. I was in complete disbelief. I quickly let said company know that we in fact make all of our outfits by hand from our workshop in California and that we are in no way associated with the sham company Aidocrystal. She went as far as to publish a post stating that we had been "lying" to our fans for years. She demanded video evidence that we make our outfits from the US and continued to humiliate us in front of our customers. We sent  screenshots of my conversations with Aidocrystal as proof that we had nothing to do with them and that they had in fact stolen our photos and were selling our designs as their own. This rave company continued at this point to bash our company via their Instagram page and it wasn't until we posted all of the evidence, including videos of our workshop, that she sent an apology.

We are still in shock as to what happened last night and spent an entire day going back and forth defending our hard work. We are writing this to let everyone know to be careful when purchasing from companies that sell knockoff work from China. We also want to emphasize that we have nothing to do with the firm "Aidocrystal" and we are currently taking acton against them.

We have worked extremely hard for the last five years creating each one of our hand made outfits and it is a slap in the face to have a company like Aidocrystal use our hard work to make a profit. It is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. I am attaching evidence below as proof that Aidocrystal is a scam company. It's terrible that we have to defend ourselves in this manner but we are not going to sit by and let people bash our hard work and make false accusations. 

Thank you to all of our fans, supporters, and customers who have stood by us through this ordeal. 

Sara and your Electric Laundry Team


This is listed on the website aidobra.com. This is our corset and they are selling it as their own piece of work. 

 Stolen images posted by Aidocrystal, they put their watermark on top of our images and are marketing our products as their own. They have posted over 2000 stolen images to their shop.

Stolen images posted by Aidocrystal, they put their watermark on top of our images and are marketing our products as their own. They have posted over 2000 stolen images to their shop.