Ordering Terms (Defined)

Below is a list of the top terms used when ordering. This will help reduce confusion.

  • Cheeky Undies: Underwear that show off the booty. They are cut slightly higher and are generally made of cotton. They stretch more and are the most requested style of underwear. 
  • Boy short undies: Underwear that are in the shape of traditional shorts. They are longer than cheeky undies and offer more coverage. They do not stretch very well so must customers order a size up. 
  • Corset: Our corsets are either lace up (meaning they lace up in the back and tie at the end) or clasp meaning they clasp in the front or back. Corsets go by the bra size as well as small, medium, large or XL. We ask for both sizes in order to ensure the corset fits. When choosing wether you are a S, M, L or XL, go with the size you typically wear in T-shirts.
  • Tutus: Our tutus are made of knotted tulle, individually knotted by hand. The full tutus tie into a bow in the back. Any type of bottom can be worn underneath. From thongs, cheeky, boy short, leggings, stockings, or bikini bottoms. 
  • Half Tutus: Our half tutus are made with a sequin belt in the front, knotted tulle on the sides and tie into a bow on the back. They come in one length and can be worn with thongs, cheeky or boy short undies, leggings, stockings, or bikini bottoms. 
  • Garter belt: A garter belt is made to hold up stockings but we decorate them and use them more as decorated pieces to wear over undies or bikini bottoms. They come in sizes small, medium, large, or XL. Most types of garter belts can be adjusted in the back.
  • Garter belt with fabric: We decorate our garter belts and then add draped fabric to the sides and sometimes to the backs of the garter. This creates a flowy look to the outfit and the fabric sways as you dance. This option also adds more coverage. 
  • Bras: Our bras are generally semi padded pushup bras. Meaning they have slight padding at the bottom of the bra and are adjustable. The back of the bras are not decorated because there is a clasp. The sides as well can not be decorated as that area must stretch when you put the outfit on. We can however add a bow to the back of the bra upon request. We always suggest to be properly measured before ordering. 
  • Headbands: Our headbands are either regular headbands that lie directly on top of the head or forehead style meaning the headband crosses over the forehead area. 
  • Floral Crown: Our floral crowns are made of artificial florals, leaves and twigs. They are more pricey than a typical headband because we only use high quality flowers to create our crowns. 
  • Leg garter: A leg garter is the small piece that is worn on leg towards the upper thigh. We decorate these pieces with jewels, chains or florals. 
  • Custom Order: To custom order means we make everything upon request. We do not have materials on hand so when you place a custom order it will take time to buy the materials, plan the outfit, make the outfit and then ship. We generally require 3 weeks time to create the outfits.
  • Pre-Made Outfits: We do offer pre-made outfits especially nearer to special occasions such as Halloween or Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. We sell these ready made items on our website under shop. They are pre-made and usually ship out the following day after purchase. 
  • Fanny Packs: Our fanny packs are worn at the waist and are large enough to fit your cell phone, wallet, and a few other items. They are hand decorated and generally have two zipper pockets. 
  • Samba Cage Bras: Samba or cage bras are made of wire. They are custom made and we add the decor. They are pricer than a normal bra because they are hand wired, hand woven and hand jeweled. These type of bras take anywhere from 4-10 hours to create. They are worn across the breast area and tied at the neck and back area. They can be worn with pasties underneath to ensure coverage. These type of bras are famous in Brazil, carnival, and for Samba dancing. 
  • Fabric Wrap: A wrap refers to the fabric that we attach to the middle of the bra and criss crosses over the abdomen. The wrap can be criss crossed one to 3 times generally over the abdomen, depending on what you prefer. The wrap ties in the back and offers more coverage to the abdomen area as well as creating a cool effect. 
  • Shoulder Pads: We add shoulder pads upon request which attach to the bra straps with velcro. If velcro is not sufficient most customers add safety pins to offer more security depending on hard you plan on dancing.