Established 2011

Electric Laundry began June 4th 2011 after its 5 founders began creating their own festival attire. Founders: Sara, Rachael, and Michael Corona, all siblings with help from family friends Mona and Juan Moreno, all came together in order to create Electric Laundry. EL was created in order to provide beautiful outfits for party events. Electric Laundry began as a small collaboration between friends but the company quickly grew as fans spread the word.

Today Electric Laundry continues to grow organically through word of mouth. We continue to pride ourselves on being a small family owned business. Over the last 3 years we have created well over 5,000 custom outfits for people from all over the world and continue to grow via several social media sites, with over 45,000 fans on Facebook and 80,000 fans on Instagram.

Electric Laundry is truly a labor of love, and slowly we are making a small name for ourselves. We will continue striving to ensure that our customers receive beautiful, unique, hand crafted items.

Our mission is to create outfits that make women feel beautiful and happy in their own skin. We love everything that the rave/edm culture represents and want to give women a chance to really express themselves through our outfits.